ZMF Bees

About Us

We have been hobby beekeepers since 2014 and have grown to as many as 20 hives during peak season. It all started when our elderly neighbors passed away and we no longer grazed their cattle on our property. We needed to maintain an AG valuation on our 22.5 acres and since Nancy and I are vegetarians, raising cattle on our own just wasn’t a workable venture. A couple of years earlier, the Texas Legislature allocated Honey Bee Apiculture as a valid agriculture valuation for property tax purposes.


There was the solution to our problem! We jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back. We are becoming well known in our North Texas community for delicious, raw, unfiltered, pure local honey and even ship our bottled honey to friends and family across Texas and surrounding States.


We look forward to hearing from you and if you are in the area, you’re welcome to come visit our working girls and learn how honey is made by Bees…


Gene & Nancy Cushion


If you see a swarm on your property, feel free to contact us and we will see if we can help relocate it for you. Just shoot us a message on our "Contact Us" page and we will get back with you a.s.a.p.